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Skeletal technology


Thanks to the use of dried wood C24 in building constructions, we avoid problems with brewing, mold and fungi. In addition, constructions made of C24 dried wood are lighter than those made of wet wood and have better strength parameters, which means we can use smaller cross-sections, which will reduce costs, make work easier and, most importantly, reduce costs.





The construction is assembled in such a way that it stands independently and does not require boards attached to the structure to ensure extra stability. Palets, that are attached to the skeleton from the inside and outside, contribute to stability, durability and safety even from the earthquake. Houses external wall are insulated with mineral wool: external walls with a thickness of 215 mm, slants and ceiling in the attic with a thickness of 350-400 mm. Based on above , we can provide excellent house insulation.





All work done in a skeleton house are made in a dry installation, making your home grow fast and more environmentally friendly than classic house building. Compared to a house with a steel structure, the advantage of a skeleton house is also the insulation thickness at the same wall thickness, so the higher energy value and lower heating costs. The house becomes perfectly silenced thanks to building wool insulation. All our houses are made of prefabricated elements. This means that their elements such as walls, ceilings and roof trusses are created in our production hall. Then components are transported to the building site, where assemblage comes after about seven days – on the previously prepared foundations. The entire process takes about 3 months in total – from signing the contract to handing over the keys.





It is important that the wooden houses are vapor permeable, so we install insulation from wood fibers and cellulose. This kind of insulation is a better insulator in the winter, and in the summer changes into a natural shield against heat. This is because it has the same thickness of insulation compared to stone and glass wool and polystyrene, 2-4 times longer delay in heat transfer through the outer layer of the house.


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