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PELLET BOILERS Pellet is one of the most environmentally friendly fuel materials. Small granules of 6-8 mm are produced from wood waste (mainly sawdust) without artificial additives. Natural ingredients and low exhaust emissions make this fuel one of the most environmentally friendly answer for heating.
The boilers are fully automatic, almost maintenance free and very economical. They have automated operations such as pellet dosing, control of the combustion process and control of the heating system.

SELF-HEATING – no gas at your place is not a problem

LOW PRICE – and a favorable cost ratio to the efficiency of home heating. It is assumed that 2.2 kg of pellets correspond to 1 l of fuel oil.

CLEAN DEAL – It is easier to remove wood dust than coal dust and just small amount (up to 0.5%) of the ash produced during the combustion process.




Natural gas is a fuel that is perfectly suitable for combustion in gas condensing boilers. Because it contains a lot of hydrogen (four atoms per carbon atom).

EFFICIENT – Exhausts contain a lot of water vapor (two molecules per molecule of carbon dioxide). And that turns condensed steam from flue gases into energy.
SERVICELESS – the only obligation of the user is to regulate the gas bills, and adjust the operating parameters of the heating system itself, if necessary. There is no need to order a new fuel supply, watch out for unloading coal from a truck, add it to a boiler (or hopper), and so on.

PRICE – relatively low price of energy carrier. Among the various fuels that allow for convenient and maintenance-free heating, it is the gas heater that is the cheapest. It ensures a good value for this kind of money.

EKO – It does not contain sulfur or non-flammable particles, so no sulfur oxides or dusts emit from the chimney.



In the condensation boilers ensue the condensation of the water vapor (generated by the combustion of gas), and the resulting additional energy is transferred to the c.o. installation. By recovering additional condenser heat energy, the condensing boilers have a much higher efficiency compared to conventional boilers. This saves up to 25% energy.

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